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About Us


About Us

LMS NATURAL CASING, S.L. was founded in 2001 by two young, dynamic and qualified entrepreneurs (Laura Moreno Sanchez y José Manuel Solera López ) who decided to set up a new project together in the meat industry focused on the manufacturing, importation and exportation of natural casing for the sausage making industry.

Thus, a new company was born and now, with the experience of our first ten years, we have become fully established and prestigious in the European market as well as one of the big companies in Spain.

Nowadays, we count on a professional team highly involved with the aim of getting a constant quality product, which is a difficult task considering we work with natural products. The whole process is monitored, from the slaughterhouse to the manufacturing, paying special attention to the transportation and warehousing in our plant, located at Industrial Estate Tarancón Sur, C/ Teresa Panza – Parcela 62, Tarancón (Cuenca). We have several manufacturing partners around the world which have been carefully chosen to meet our quality requirements.

Our Philosophy

At LMS Natural Casing, S.L. we fight every day to get the highest quality standard at competitive prices, working to reduce the cost by the mechanization at slaughterhouses and the optimization of transport.

Studying our customer needs is one of our goals so that we can offer a personalized product to each of them. Due to our general manager’s experience on the sausage making industry, we offer THE BEST NATURAL CASING to get a fine quality product avoiding any difficulties at the customer’s manufacturing process.

Why Us?

In the recent years, artificial casing offers a wide range of products for the sausage industry but we only offer good quality natural casing so that our customers can continue manufacturing traditional products with their characteristic taste. Thanks to the special features of natural casing (breathing, etc…) we can offer the right quality for the manufacturer as well as for the consumer.

We work to meet our customer’s requirements and needs. Therefore, we offer a great variety of calibers and standards. This is possible as we keep close relationships with our suppliers, who guarantee the products our customers require, and also to the immediate supply service we offer due to the stock we keep in plant.

Our Health Registry nr. (ES 40.23973/CU CE) is proof of the quality of our products which enables us to meet quality standards required within Spain and worldwide.

Our company


Laura Moreno Sánchez

(+34) 696 16 70 49

Jose Manuel Solera López

(+34) 630 18 92 14



Riansares Pérez

(+34) 969 32 19 43


Manuela Elena Colda

(+34) 969 32 19 43


Worldwide Jose Manuel Solera López

(+34) 630 18 92 14


National Victor Manuel Martínez Martínez

(+34) 629 54 12 97